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Find inspiration for your next dog’s name

Looking for the best dog name?

Rover, Ben, Mitch, Duchess, Steve – okay, sure, the last name sounds a little odd, but we bet you’ve heard it screamed around the park before. But how does one come to the decision of naming their dog ‘Steve?’

Choosing a name for your dog is one of the most fun, yet difficult parts of being a dog owner. A name should represent who they are, their personality, and what they mean to you – but there are so many wonderful names out there, you’re really spoilt for choice. And so, just for you, we’ve conjured up a dog names guide to help you name the newest member of your family.  

A little bit of nostalgia – something from childhood

We all loved our childhood (mostly). There’s something about reminiscing over old times which makes us feel all warm inside. Well, some pet owners hope that naming their dog after something important from their childhood will flare up a little nostalgia. An old family road, the name of Grandad’s old car, your Great Aunt’s favourite TV program – there are a whole range of amazing names from your family’s past. Why not have a think back and see what you and your loved ones can come up with – you could even end up with another Grandma Nora walking around!  

Ooft, she’s a stunner – how about on looks?

So, you’ve bought a white dog, let’s think of some potential names – Snowy, Ivory, Snowflake. Sure, they might sound a little generic, but sometimes sticking to the basics really works. Is your new Great Dane black? How about Coal, Sable, Inky – okay, we’re clutching at straws here, but maybe you love the idea, and if it works for you, perfect. Brown? Then there’s Brownie, Rolo, Chocolate (great name – but here’s why you shouldn’t feed your dog chocolate), or Sienna. What about any distinguishing features? Spot is a popular dog name. Either way, whether your dog is super big, or really small, there’s plenty of inspiration right in front – you just have to look hard enough.  

Know your roots – named after your heritage

Far away from home and missing those creature comforts? Why not name your new companion after your hometown – Somerset, Devon or Rhyl maybe? Or, if you’d like to sound a little more continental, why not go for one of the many foreign, yet understandable names like Fritz or Kaiser? Or if your dog won’t get out of the bath, then why not consider going for Murphy, which literally means ‘of the sea’. Or why not go all Beckham-esque and call your dog Brooklyn. Either way, we’re sure you’ll manage!  

If you can’t beat them, join them – steal from the famous

Lassie, Snoopy, Scooby Doo, or even Clifford – you’ve just read some of the most famous dog names on the planet! And so, if you think your canine companion is that extra bit special, then why not treat them to a star-studded name? You could even name them after your favourite TV or film character – ‘Voldemort, get back here’ might sound a little strange, but if it’s right for you, nobody can stop you!  

Rita, here Rita, SIT! – Old people names!

Albert, Frank, Derek, Rita, Walter – old people names are so cute! They just fill you with warm good-ness; the feeling of going round to the grandparent’s house as kids. But these names also sound grandiose, or regal – honestly, they make your dog sound like a duke, or a king. If you want your companion to sound bold, go for an old person’s name. Sir Frank, it is time for walkies! Oh, and on a side-note. Remember to provide your dog with a collar and tag; the tag must have your name and postcode on it. This way, people will be able to return them if they ever go walkies alone.

Still struggling? Just follow your heart. Truthfully, if you think a name is lame, but you love it anyway, go ahead! That Great Dane called Tinkerbell – awesome! That Chihuahua called Boris – perfect! That Dalmatian called Alan – yes! Name away dog lovers, name away!