The James Wellbeloved Ambassador Programme

Receive 5% commission for all orders from your followers that use your discount code and spend over £40. They will receive 10% discount themselves.

Affiliate programme FAQs

How much time does a follower have to purchase?

Any qualifying purchases made within 90 days of your follower clicking your links is affiliated to you.

Is there a minimum order value?

Yes - £40 minimum order spend

Does this work for subscription purchases too?

Yes - the value of an order is added from one-time purchases & the first order of a subscription

Do my followers get a benefit/discount too?

Yes - they will receive XXX for using your link

How do I see the status of my affiliate payout?

Log in to your Shopify collabs account to see your dashboard, arrange payout and amend details

Who can I contact for help/quesitons?

You can reach out to our customer care team via our contact us page

How do you benefit with the programme?

Receive 5% of the purchase value for all orders that used your discount code by simply promoting our products on your platforms