Dog lying on grass and about to eat high protein food

Why choose James Wellbeloved™ High Protein dry dog food?

Does your furry friend have boundless energy, always ready for the next adventure? Whether they're a working dog, an agility champion, or just naturally high-spirited, our James Wellbeloved™ High Protein dog food is made with extra protein to support their active lifestyle.

The natural choice for highly active dogs    

For highly active dogs, a high protein diet can be helpful to support strong muscles. This is because exercise causes the body to break down protein needed for muscle growth and recovery much quicker than usual, so more active dogs need more protein in their diet to make up for this.

Our nourishing high protein dog food is specially formulated to fuel your dog’s energetic ways, with 70% coming from animal sources. Plus, we only use fresh protein, which is both delicious and easily digestible. The recipe is packed with wholesome ingredients, with a focus on lean proteins like chicken and turkey, and natural plant-based protein sources like peas and lentils - all working together to keep your dog bouncing with vitality.

Grain free & naturally hypoallergenic dog food

At James Wellbeloved™, we believe in going the extra mile to make sure every dog gets the best. That’s why all our recipes, from our high protein range to our light dog food, aren’t just complete and balanced to provide nutrients needed to live a healthy life, but also naturally hypoallergenic. Made without common allergens like beef, pork, soya, eggs, dairy and wheat, it’s some of the best food for dogs with allergies or intolerances.

James Wellbeloved™ High Protein dry dog food is also grain-free. This makes it ideal for your dog if they have a known grain sensitivity or a sensitive stomach, as grain-free dog food can be easier to digest. Plus, with every delicious mouthful, you can rest easy knowing there are no artificial colours or flavours in it either.

Check out the full James Wellbeloved™ dog food range to find the best choice for your dog's dietary needs.