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'Pawfect' puppy gifts for Christmas

Your puppy is more than just a pet; they’re part of the family. And we all like to go the extra mile for our loved ones during the Christmas festivities. 

Buying puppy gifts can always be a challenge. But with a little forethought and planning, you’ll be able to pick out the ‘pawfect’ puppy present for your furry friend this Christmas. The question is – where to start? James Wellbeloved puts forward a range of puppy Christmas present ideas so you can ensure your pet is getting only the best this holiday season.

1. Their own advent calendar

Admittedly, this one’s for the countdown to Christmas. But why shouldn’t your pet get in on the hype too?   Many Advent calendars contain chocolate, which is not suitable for dogs, so steer clear of these entirely.

2. Some fresh toys

To keep your pup happy and entertained this Christmas, you should seriously consider stocking up on new toys for them. A special pet plushie often makes the ideal puppy present. Also, remember it doesn’t matter if they’re big chewers or not, a durable canine toy will last longer for your furry friend than an everyday one.  Just don’t get them anything too hard that could cause dental issues in the new year.

3. Puzzles and games

Another thing puppies love is playtime. This being the case, yours will almost certainly benefit from exciting puzzles and games, which you can introduce to them over the holiday season. Physical exercises and games are important for puppy development; but likewise, it’s crucial that they receive enough mental stimulation as well. The good news is, this type of puppy present can help with both!

4. A welcoming mat

As far as puppy gifts at Christmastime are concerned, it’s nice to show how much your furry friend means not just to you, but to everyone else in your home. With this in mind, buying a welcome mat for your canine companion would be a great present idea. These kinds of mats are specifically designed to accommodate your pet’s paws, as well as coping with any outdoor nasties they may inadvertently bring back from play. It’s a win-win situation, really.

5. Grooming products

Regardless if your puppy loves or hates being washed, it can help if you pamper them throughout their bath, which of course means treating them to a few choice grooming products. Stuck for puppy Christmas present ideas? Give your pet a relaxing experience over the festive period by turning bathtime into a fun bonding session you can both enjoy.

6. A new bowl

Your puppy’s bowl should always be somewhere they can go to eat plenty of food and feel pleasantly full. But if it’s looking a little worse for wear, you should think about getting them a new one this Christmas. Stainless steel dog bowls are often rustproof and long-lasting, so your puppy can make the most of their dog-friendly Christmas dinner. 

7. Delicious foods

And speaking of Christmas foods for dogs, be sure to give your puppy a great festive treat to enjoy alongside you, their pet parent. Do remember, though, that the canine digestive system functions differently to a human one, and holiday foods like chocolate, Christmas cake and even bones from the feast can be dangerous.  If you want them to feel included in the Christmas spirit, feed your pup lean, white turkey meat and some plain sprouts, either steamed or boiled. Or how about treating them to some James Wellbeloved Turkey in Gravy wet food for the big day?

8. A pet fountain

Ensuring your puppy stays adequately hydrated is crucial to their health and happiness. How about making it even easier by gifting them their very own pet fountain this Christmastime? A pet fountain can help provide your puppy with a continuous supply of fresh, filtered drinking water throughout the day, keeping them refreshed and revitalised across the festive season and beyond. Still, you should always check that your puppy is drinking the correct daily amount of water for their needs.

9. A cosy blanket

Everyone likes to be warm and snug at Christmas, and your puppy is no exception. As such, it may be a good idea to invest in a cosy blanket for them this year. Remember to choose material that suits their coat condition, which will prevent overheating and guarantee safety as well as comfort. When it comes to festive puppy gifts, you can’t go wrong with a nice blanket.

Every puppy is different, and choosing the right Christmas gift for yours can seem like an impossible task. However, as long as you get them something you’re sure they’ll love and use again and again, it’ll be a happy holiday season for everyone!