Meet Twizzy

25 MAR 2013


meet-twizzyTwizzy, a seven year- old cat from Yeovil, Somerset, is the star of our new look packaging.

Following a huge search to find the perfect feline to be the star of our new-look cat food packaging, the right cat was discovered living just up the road from our HQ in Somerset.

Twizzy, from Yeovil, is owned by Marianne Hooper who says: “Twizzy’s always been a big, sociable, chatty cat and was spotted by a neighbour, Ruth, who works at the Somerset office. She thought he had all the attributes required to be a packaging star! I was so surprised and couldn’t believe they’d picked my Twizzy, even though of course, I think he’s beautiful. At his photoshoot, rather than having his photo taken, he wanted to explore.

“In the studio, there was a bookcase that Twizzy took a liking to, so he climbed all over it and observed everyone from up high. He soon relaxed in front of the camera, realising he was on to a good thing (as he was given some delicious cat food) and posed a little. He put on his cute face and I was so pleased because the photography team said he was very good and well behaved.

“Twizzy has some very funny habits, such as sleeping with his front paws and head out of the cat flap – with the flap resting on his head – and the rest of his body inside. He likes to be outside, seeing what’s going on in the world, but also cosy indoors. He’s now enjoying devouring his James Wellbeloved Oral Care. He’s a modest and loving cat, so the photoshoot hasn’t changed him. He’s still the same Twizzy, even though he’s now a little star and I’m incredibly proud of him.”


Catching mice, being carried about and cuddles – and of course his food!


Vacuum cleaners

Favourite places to sleep:

Under the duvet when it’s cold. When it’s sunnier, he likes sitting with his head out the cat flap and his body inside – he often has a snooze there!



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