Black dog sitting on a blanket

How to Throw a Dog Friendly New Year’s Eve Party

How your pets can have a wonderful time too

New Year’s Eve celebrates the year just passed and gives us an opportunity to be thankful for all it has brought us, as well as look forward to all the greatness to come in the following year. For dog owners, your pet pooches are likely to be a large part of this.

It is therefore natural for pet owners to want to know how to celebrate the New Year in a way that their dog can enjoy. Unfortunately, this time of year comes with many things that might distress dogs, such as loud music and the bangs from fireworks.

Here, James Wellbeloved explores how you can throw your own dog friendly New Year’s Eve party and make sure your canine pal has a wonderful time, too.


It can be tempting to throw a big bash to chime in the New Year, but this can be distressing for our pets. To ensure you have a dog friendly New Year’s Eve party, you must resist this urge. Too many people, especially unfamiliar ones, can be very stressful for dogs and cause them to feel uncomfortable.

Instead, keep the party small. Invite some close friends over for a more intimate gathering. In this way, your dog can join in with the festivities, too.


Fireworks are a classic part of the New Year’s Eve entertainment, but the loud bangs can be distressing for your dog – so you should probably avoid having any at your party. However, remember that your neighbours may still be letting off fireworks throughout the night, so make sure you keep your pet inside this New Year.

If you do want to enjoy some fireworks at your dog friendly New Year’s Eve party, those broadcast on television can be enjoyed by your dog. The bright colours and spectacle may be highly enjoyable for your pet, as long as you keep the sound low.


Whether it’s some smooth background jazz or pumping party jams, you can’t throw a party without music. Nevertheless, as with the bangs of the fireworks, too much noise can be distressing for your dog. Be mindful of this at your party and keep the volume at a comfortable level for your pet.


A New Year’s Eve party is likely to carry on for a long time and your dog will become tired or over-excited at times. It is therefore useful for them to have a quiet space to retreat to. Put their bed in a room away from your guests and keep it off limits, so that your dog has the option to withdraw if they feel they need to.

If you are worried your dog may be becoming tired or agitated, this also gives you space to take them out for some quiet time.


A New Year’s Eve party is going to require food for your guests, but this should not be for your dog too. A canine digestive system functions differently to a human one, meaning there are foods we can eat that they can’t. Further, a dog’s digestive system relies on routine and introducing new foods, especially those not made for dogs, can cause problems.

You should try to stick to your pet’s normal feeding routine, giving only their usual meals of specially formulated dog food. Keep the party food in a separate room and ask guests to refrain from feeding your dog. 

So, there we have James Wellbeloved’s guide to a dog friendly New Year’s Eve party. With these tips, you can throw a party for the whole family to enjoy, including your pet. and celebrate the New Year together in style.