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It’s in our name. it’s in our nature.

For the past 25 years, pet owners have trusted us to help keep their four-legged friends happy, healthy and full of life. Here at James Wellbeloved, we make wholesome, delicious food to help your pet eat better and live better. Our tasty recipes are made with simple ingredients and are full of goodness. Because it’s only natural to want your pet to love their food and live a healthier, happier life.

In the beginning...

It all started back in 1992, with two poorly Boxer dogs who had itchy skin, upset tummies and a distressed owner. Taking the view that nature knows best, she fed them simple foods that were a lot less likely to trigger adverse food reactions.

Recipes for all dogs…

Not only did our two Boxer dogs get better, they had more energy and were soon bouncing around again, full of life and with healthy, glossy coats. So, with nature as our inspiration, we started creating tasty, nourishing recipes for all kinds of dogs.

…and for cats too.

After seeing the wonders our meals could do for dogs, we started making food for cats and ferrets too. These days, we’re one of the country’s leading pet food producers. But don’t worry, we haven’t let success go to our heads.

25 Years on…

We’re still based right here in rural Somerset – with dog treats in our pockets, warmth in our hearts and mud on our boots. And we’re still busy making great-tasting food to help keep your pets feeling great.

Our friends.

We want pets everywhere to get the best out of life. And over the years, we’ve made a lot of friends who feel the same way.

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Our Values

Real food, real good
It’s good to know what your pets are eating. That’s why we put every ingredient clearly on the label. So you can know that what they’re eating is good.

Quality you can trust
We wouldn’t give your pet anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves. And before you ask, yes, we occasionally do just that. We also go to great lengths to source our ingredients. And to retain all their nutrients when we cook them. Last but not least, we carry out 6,000 rigorous quality checks – every single week.

Simple is best
We think living better should come naturally. So we keep our recipes simple. We take a handful of ingredients from nature and combine them with all the vitamins and minerals your pet needs. And nothing they don’t. What could be simpler?  

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