Stylish new look cat food products

25 MAR 2013


stylish-new-look-cat-food-productsJames Wellbeloved cats are very discerning – they know good food when they taste it!

They also deserve to have their top quality nutrition presented in an elegant and distinctive way – which is where our new look packaging comes in… Smart, stylish and informative – our cat food packaging has had a makeover!

We feel it communicates the James Wellbeloved attributes we’re so proud of – such as our commitment to high quality, natural food that’s made in our award-winning Somerset factory. The great news is that we’ve retained all the features that Wellbeloved cats know and love – food that is tasty, complete, naturally hypo-allergenic and nutritionally balanced – but we’ve introduced some innovations that we think you’ll like.

See what good things we’ve added

While all our foods contain no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, we do add some ‘good stuff’, such as chicory, which is rich in inulin, a natural prebiotic that helps to maintain a healthy gut flora, and yucca extract, a natural deoderiser that helps keep litter trays smelling more pleasant!

We also include Cranberry Extracts, because we believe they can support urinary health. All this useful information is clearly displayed on the front of the pack.

Fresher for longer

We use a new, totally natural technology – Fresh pack – to keep food fresher for longer, and our 1.5kg and 4kg bags are resealable.

Clear benefits and key ingredients

You’ll find these indicated on the front of the bag with additional details on the back. The unmistakable James Wellbeloved logo is bigger and more prominent, so it’s easier to find your cat’s favourite food on your pet shop’s shelves. The 300g bags now have a rectangular bottom and stand up more easily in your pet food cupboard.

turkey_small fish_small duck_small

Clearer and more precise feeding guidelines

The guidelines now reflect differences in activity levels and weight, to make it easier to ensure you’re feeding your cat just the right amount.

New pack sizes

We also have a new range of pack sizes 300g, 1.5kg, 4kg and 10kg (Adult only) bags.

It’s easier to find what you are looking for…


This is our lifestage range – Kitten, Adult and Senior


Our No Cereal range for cats with extra sensitivities


Our new functional range with varieties specially developed for different needes


For less active cats, formulated for effect weight control


With natural pea fibre to alleviate hairball problems

Oral health

With special kibble shape to help remove plaque


Forumulated to reduce stool volume and odour



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