Five kittens in a line outside

The perfect name for your cat

Choosing a name for your new kitten is one of the most exciting moments of any new cat owner’s life. Unfortunately, before you can celebrate, you must first actually do the naming. How can you possibly capture your new companion’s bursting personality, colour and affection into just a single name? Well, pet owners of the world, James Wellbeloved is here to help!


Hollywood is calling

Many pet owners take inspiration from popular culture when naming their newest familiars. Finding Nemo saw children name their fish after the lost clownfish, and female Rough Collies continue to inherit the name Lassie over sixty-years after the TV-series first aired. So, it should come as no surprise that despite The Lion King hitting our screens in 1994, Simba, Nala and Mufasa remain in the top 10 names for cats this year. Meanwhile, Marvel’s superhero universe has seen Loki become extremely popular for male kittens.  

The personal touch

Naming your cat after a friend or relative is extraordinarily popular, with names like Bella, Lucy, Oliver and Max all some of the most common pet cat names in 2017. Using familiar names is not only a sweet idea, but it also strengthens the bond with your new kitty.    


Black Cat stalking


Looks can be appealing…

There’s no other way to put this; cats are gorgeous creatures! So why not acknowledge your pet’s appearance in their name? A dark grey? Smokey is one of this year’s most popular names for boys. Various shades of brown? How about Biscuit, Oreo, or Coco. And Tiger will never cease to be popular amongst the Tabbies.  

…but they can also be deceiving

Then again, some cats have just too much personality to be ignored. Take some time before naming your new kitten to observe their behaviour for inspiration. If your cat likes to test their teeth against anything they can get their jaws around – including your precious fingers – Chewie is a popular name (although this one is also inspired by the Star Wars character). Or, for the cat that likes to stalk and pounce, Hunter remains a common choice. We should also take a moment to acknowledge the royal nature of our feline friends. Not only were they worshipped as guardians of the underworld in Ancient Egypt, any cat owner will tell you how they rule the home they live in. With reputations like these, is it any surprise Cleo is one of the most prevalent cat names?  

Have some fun

Okay, if you’re still reading then you must really be after something unique. Above all else, a pet’s name should make you smile, and nothing will make you smile like some of the popular puns of last year. For the literature lovers, there is Shakes-purr, Charles Lickens or Great Catsby, while the music fans may prefer Paw McCatney. Whatever you go with, it’ll be hard to top pop-singer Katie Perry’s own Kitty Purry – yes, that’s real. We understand the challenge naming your new kitty can be, but whether you go with personal, inspirational or hilarious, we guarantee that whatever name you choose, as you come to love your cat, you’ll come to love the name.