Shirley & Keiko



Shirley is one of our longest serving team members She’s a Customer Service Specialist and the proud owner of Keiko, a Papillon x Japanese Chin, who’s nearly 3 years old and comes into work with her most days.

"My Name is Shirley Gibbs. I am a Customer Service Specialist and have worked for the company for nearly 11 years now. During my time I have worked in several roles within the company but really enjoy being able to get to know our customers and build up a relationship with them. My career highlight would be when I won a “Make the Difference Award” with my team for the role that we play within Customer Services."

"Keiko is a Papillon x Japanese Chin, nearly 3 years old and comes into work with me most days. She has her kennel under my desk but likes to sit on a chair and greet everyone who comes into the office. At home she lives with 3 other dogs who are a lot older than her so she enjoys being able to play and run around in the dog exercise area here.

We both love to curl up in the chair and relax together in the evening after a busy day at work and we both love our little treats – minijacks for her, chocolate for me! James Wellbeloved food is so important as I know she really enjoys her dinners. She has the Small Breed kibble which is ideal for her tiny jaw. Her dish is licked clean every day but more importantly I know it is the best food for her, keeping her healthy and her coat beautiful."

Keiko's favourite food


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