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Shane & Sian



When it comes to the smiliest dog in the office, the title must go to Sian, a French Bulldog owned by Shane who works in HR.

I'm Shane from Human Resources and I have been with the business for 10 years now having had a varied career in Operations Management and Health, Safety and Environmental Management. I love the fact that I work with such passionate and talented associates that do a great job in making a better world for pets.

Sian, my French Bulldog, has just turned 1 and is well and truly fully integrated into my busy family with my wife and 3 young sons. Sian and I are similar in so many ways, but most of all it has to be the fact that we are both high energy at times and also very comical.

I feed Sian James Wellbeloved because it’s natural, clean and the ingredients that are in it are what I can find in my own kitchen - simple!

Sian's Favourite Food


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