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Amazing coat!

25 JAN 2017


Hi, I thought I would contact you to let you know the amount of people who have commented on my 16 month old chocolate lab’s coat. Its so shiny and every single person makes a comment and asks which food he is on everyday. We have fed him on James Wellbeloved since a puppy now which we mix with butchers wet food. His coat is amazing and I thank James Wellbeloved for this. We do however find the food expensive as our dog likes a variety of flavours and not the same one all the time. I’m a full time carer for my autistic son so money is limited. We got this dog as a help for my son. If I could provide a picture of my dogs coat I would as I think it’s proof that your food is good for dogs. We will continue to try and keep our dog on your food. I hope you find this email helpful and as thanks for your dog food.