New labels on our cat foods

9 JUN 2015


new-labels-on-our-cat-foodsNew Labels summer 2015

Over the course of the summer, we are making some recipe improvements and some small labeling changes to our range of cat foods, and these are detailed below.

Turkey and Duck Foods


We are introducing a delicious new gravy combination to our Turkey life-stage and functional foods to make them even more palatable. The new combination comprises a liquid turkey gravy and a dried meat-free stock. Because the gravy solution is now in two parts, the order of ingredients in the composition has changed slightly.

In a similar way the House cat formula, which is based on Duck, now has a new liquid duck gravy and a dried meat-free stock.

Omega fatty acids

The omega oil supplement in our turkey and duck-based cat foods has always come from fish oils; we now give that information as part of the ingredients list.

Fish Foods

For our fish based foods, some of our consumers have told us that the kibble is too oily, particularly in warmer weather, so we have reduced the quantity of oil in the coating but increased the fish content. This means a little less oil, a little more protein, a change in the order of the raw materials and a slight alteration to our feeding guides for kitten, adult and senior. Performance and palatability will not be affected.

Additives per kg

This is the section where we tell you about some of the very small things we put in the food.  We have always added extra taurine to our cat foods because it is an essential nutrient for cats. In the past, we have called it an amino acid because that is how most of us think of it. However,the legal classification says that taurine comes under “vitamins, pro-vitamins and chemically well-defined substances having similar effect” which is shortened to ‘vitamins’.  Taurine therefore now appears under ‘Vitamins’.

Extensive analysis of our ingredients has allowed us to calculate more accurately how much selenium and iodine we need to add to our foods, and this means that some of those levels have been adjusted.

Analytical Constituents

Minor changes in the mineral content of our turkey meal mean as light increase in some of our ash (mineral) levels.

The only reason for making even the smallest change to our recipes is to improve them – to make them better and tastier for your cat. As we get to know more and more about what a cat needs, we have to ensure that our recipes meet those requirements.


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