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NEW changes to labeling and formulas

9 JUN 2015


new-changes-to-labeling-and-formulasFrom time to time, we may make small changes to our formulas or to our labeling. This is only done after very careful thought. The only reason for making even the smallest change to our recipes is to improve them – to make them better and tastier for your pet. As we get to know more and more about what our pets need, we have to ensure that our recipes meet those requirements.

We will always tell you about these changes, both on the bag and on this website.

Unfortunately, with any change, there is always going to be a short time period when the information on your bag doesn’t match the information on the website. – when we have made the change but the shops still have lots of food from before the change.

We have now brought the Statutory labels on ferret bags up to date (Summer 2015) but the formula remains exactly the same. To find out more click here

For further details on the new cat changes (Summer 2015) read more here. 

You may remember we updated our dog labeling last year (June 2014), to visit this information again click here


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