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Ava is now 14 months old

23 JAN 2013


dogs-for-the-disabledFind out how Ava’s progress has been going since we last caught up with her in November, now that she is 14 months old!

Ava’s development has been right on target thanks to the fundamental training she has received from her puppy socialisers.

It is usually at this age that Ava would return to the Frances Hay Centre to start her formal training. However, her lovely calm and relaxed temperament recently caught the attention our Dog Supply Coordinator, who felt that her disposition would make her an ideal candidate as a brood bitch.

Making sure that the right puppies are selected is crucial to ensure that they will develop into healthy assistance dogs who can support their owner for many,many years. Puppies need to be fit and strong for the job they have a head of them, so their mother needs to be in peak health and have all the correct attributes.

Ava has subsequently undergone a series of medical checks to see if she meets all the criteria in order to be chosen for the breeding programme.

There are still a couple of things that need to be looked at before deciding if she will go forward into this new role. If for any reason she isn’t quite right as a brood bitch then she will come into the centre to train as an assistance dog.  She has already has a head start in this department as she has taken it upon herself to retrieving the post after the postman has been, delivering it personally to her socialisers!

When Christmas arrived she enjoyed her fair share of presents and spent the morning playing with her new toys and even shared them with the feline friends that she lives with.  Assistance dogs often have to live with other animals and particularly cats, so it’s wonderful that Ava is so comfortable with them.

For more information on sponsoring a Dog for the Disabled puppy visit their site


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