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Lisa & Bella



It’s only right that the first WeAreWellbeloved team members is also our longest serving team member here at James Wellbeloved!

"I’m Lisa Lawrence, I work in Finance as an Accounts Technician and have been here for almost 25 years! If I had to describe working at James Wellbeloved in three words I would say fun, friendly and purposeful

I do love a bit of reconciliation, whether it be a vendor account that needs looking at, or reconciling petty cash - that would have to be the favourite part of my job! My career highlight has to be achieving my AAT qualification. It took me a good few years, but I was so pleased when I passed the final exam.

I have two pets, Holly my seal point tortoiseshell cat and Bella my Whippet. Bella, or B as I like to call her, is one and a half now and is still very naughty but so lovely that I just can’t get mad at her! We definitely share some traits, one being our love of sleep which apparently whippets are renowned for; B is more like a cat than a dog!

Of course I feed her James Wellbeloved as the product is super high quality and you can trust the ingredients. B is always in good health, inside and out, and I know that here at James Wellbeloved we strive to use only the best ingredients.

Plus I love her and want her to live the healthiest life she can and after all food is the first medicine.”

Bella's favourite food