Lian & Cookie



This is Lian and her football loving, four-legged friend Cookie!

I’m Lian Denver, and this is my dog Cookie, she’s a mix of Bedlington Terrier, Whippet, Jack Russell & Beagle, a real Heinz 57 pooch! I’m a Consumer Helpline Nutritional Advisor at James Wellbeloved, I’ve worked here for 6 years and without a doubt the best part of my job is the variety each day brings. Life at James Wellbeloved is fantastic as we're all such a passionate bunch, so animal orientated, and super caring for not only our customers, but colleagues too! Not to mention is lovely we can have our dogs in the office with us, which means lots of head scratches and belly rubs!

Cookie and I are always quite busy! She loves being at the yard with me, running around the fields whilst I'm with the horses, or playing in the field with a football. But we also both love our down time and relaxing on the sofa watching a movie, especially if it has dogs in! When it comes to Cookie's wellbeing James Wellbeloved food has really helped so much. As a puppy we struggled to get her to gain weight, she was really skinny and had a very sensitive tummy. James Wellbeloved food suits her so well as it's helped settle her tummy and gain the weight she needed to grow in to the healthy, energetic dog she is now!

Cookie's Favourite Food


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