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Jasmine & Buddy



This weeks Team Wellbeloved comes in the form of Jasmine and Buddy, her Jack Russell X Chihuahua.

"I'm Jasmine, I am an Accounts Receivable Clerk, I love that I can bring Buddy to work and he gets to interact with all the other office dogs! I am passionate about the purpose and the brand, which explains my 10 years service!

Buddy is my Jack Russell x Chihuahua who has definitely picked up some traits from me. One of the our main shared traits is that we both get hangry! He gets upset if I don't feed him by 5pm, he has a body clock (unless he can actually tell the time). Everyday when I get home from work he will make sure I know that he's hungry - I am the same!

I feed Buddy James Wellbeloved because it gives him a waggy tail, full tummy and a lovely coat. Simple, quality ingredients that give him what he needs to be a happy healthy dog."

Buddy's favourite food