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Heather & Cougar



Heather’s dog might be small in size as a Chihuahua x Miniature Pinscher, but when it comes to personality, Cougar is mighty!

Hi! I'm Heather and my dog is Cougar. He's a Chihuahua x Miniature Pinscher so although he's small, he has a lot of attitude!

The best part of my job is when I get a call from a customer telling me how much they appreciate James Wellbeloved food and how it benefits their animals. It's so nice to know there are so many people out there who appreciate the benefits of good nutrition for their pets and pay enough attention to notice when a good food makes the difference to their pet's life.

I really do believe that Cougar and I are the same soul in different forms; we both hate the rain, vegetables & big crowds, and love to spend out evenings wrapped in a blanket watching TV together!

My idea of a perfect day involves the beach on a sunny afternoon or a beer garden, and you can usually find us enjoying a lie in on Sundays!

Cougar's favourite food