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Ferret Feeding Guides


From 3 weeks: Offer small amounts of food soaked until soft with warm water or broth, gradually decreasing the amount of liquid used. Replace any uneaten damp food with fresh after a few hours. From 4 weeks, offer only dry food. Up to 16 weeks: Free feed, allowing animals to clean out the bowls every 2 or 3 days to maintain food freshness. At this age, daily food consumption will be approx 7% of body weight (e.g. approx. 35g of food for 500g ferret). Adult ferrets: Free feed, but restrict diet to approx 5% of body weight if animals get too heavy (e.g. approx 75g of food for 1500g ferret). Lactation or final 2 weeks of gestation: Free feed without restriction. Please note: The above guide can only be approximate as requirements vary from ferret to ferret  Store in cool dry place; keep closed between uses. Supply plenty of clean, fresh drinking water at all times.