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What is the criteria for joining the Breeder Club?

To join the James Wellbeloved Breeder Scheme, you need to meet the following criteria:

– Based in the UK
– Own a minimum of 1 breeding bitch or 2 entire males (own registered KC affix or KC/IKC assured breeder documentation must be provided)
– OR own a minimum of 1 queen or 2 entire males (own registered prefix documentation must be provided)
– OR registered with local council as a breeder and regulations and license requirements adhered to

– Breeders must not breed from a brood bitch or queen if the litter would be born before the brood bitch or queen is 12 months old, or after 8 years old
– New litters must be registered with James Wellbeloved within 4 weeks of birth
– Breeders must confirm information about individual breeding stock/puppy details

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